Make Patterns Easy 101

Everyone deserves to live their best life. Working 9-5 may be for some, however not everyone. If I told you, I could teach you how to draft your own patterns to sell on-line with little to no experience. Would you believe me? 

So many of us end up chasing one fad after another? I know, I am guilty of it as well. I thought, how is it possible to make money doing something that I love. I was constantly following the next bright shiny object,  the next "opportunity" . The promise of a shortcut to easy money. It's okay to admit it, we are all guilty of doing this. The reality of those opportunities isn't so glorious. The truth is we work our butts off for pennies at a job we don't enjoy. 

This is not a "watch the information" course. This is a "take action" course. I will guide you through the steps. It's practical and implementation focused from Day 1.

I will walk you through the entire system from A-Z covering all the tech you will need. 

After this course you will be able to take measurements, and draft blocks from those measurements to use to make your own patterns. 

We will be using Cameo 7 software- This will be a pre-requisite to purchase for the course. I have been using this software for many years and it is for people who want to learn real pattern drafting, from drawing the blocks to adding the seam allowances. 

What You Will Learn In This Course

  1. Cameo 7 Software - Introduction to Pattern Making 
  2. Introduction To CAD
  3. Darted Bodice Blocks 
  4. Dresses and Sheaths 
  5. Knits 
  6. Necklines and Collars 
  7. Sleeves and Cuffs 
  8. Skirts 
  9. Pants 
  10. Foundation Garments 
  11. Pattern Details 
  12. How to Create Blocks / Slopers 
  13. How to Add Seam Allowances 
  14. How to Add Pattern Markings - Notches, Arrows, Grainlines etc. 
  15. How to Make A Sloper With Your Measurements. 
  16. How To Print The Pattern
  17. Ease Charts and Stretch Gauge 

How Is This Course Different

  1. You will be working with real pattern making software. 
  2. I teach you how to do dart transfers. 
  3. You will complete a set of blocks in your Size 
  4. You can use this software for Mens, Women's and Children's clothing as well as doll clothing 
  5. I will show you how to modify your blocks


I'm going to teach you how to draft patterns. Like anything, it is all in the doing. You can't read a book about drafting patterns and expect a dress to appear. You can't consume this course and expect to sell your patterns. That is up to you. Buy this course if you want to learn a skill. Don't buy this course if you just want another shiny object in your life. Nothing in this course is to be construed as an income guarantee. There is absolutely no guarantee that you can or will make money. 

How do I join

If you would like to join our waiting list for the course starting in September 2023 . Please fill in the information below.